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Development for an Reliable Internet Service Application

Reliable internet service



The ultimate aim of our project is to provide the design and development for an reliable internet service application which workable on the WAP enabled wireless handheld devices like mobile phone, PDA(personal digital assistant) but mobile phone will focused mainly on this. To design a WAP application that will be usable by stock market user to receive and check related information like up-to-date stock value, stock quotes, as well as price detailed, trading status in the service directly from their mobile devices.
This project concern the developing, testing of a WAP based system for wireless handhelds devices like mobile phone to help the stock market user while on the move for instance the user can access to internet even when they travelling from geographical location to another . the idea of this application is to consider one that in principle not only delivering that data which involves in stock market updates and reliable and securely but one will be rapidly aware the user about the market changes in real time without even in the whilst in office or home, whilst we travelling, to the demand form of communication specially whilst “o the move”
The Stock Market system will be based on WAP architecture for mobile devices. This project will demonstrate how practical and possible will it be to use a mobile internet on the mobile phone to check the stock market value for a particular company whilst on the move. The user can have access to know the current price of the stock and it latest information
At click of the button without physically present in front of the stock market office or by watching Television at the someplace. The whole project framework is aim on to
Create a WAP application which based on a server side application which could be the company to join a venture with the user’s to input the data to form a given result. And it important to aware of the modern day’s application is adapted by the user to improve their capabilities. According to the research board of project believe that the user application projects are lead to failure if it not fully obtains the user demands and requirement for particular needs. The possibly good market for such system will be investigated into further develops to refine a set of client’s requirement. there will be a good response for such an application in the market which intended on user who has invested a solid amount in bonds , shares and gilts , and these are all designed to make life easier in such a way it enable the use to make decision at particular time to sell and buy stock such time .


Stocks are considered riskier investments ,the value of a stock could at peak and drop down on the rate of the share by every time ,it completely depends on the situation of economy .for instance I am a stockholder having 500 share on a private company. Currently the value of my share is at good rate, and if I want to know what is market value of share with other company .Likewise most of the stock market holder are keen to know the latest information in real time .However it is only possible when the share holder are have a chance to watching news or log on a computer that they would be aware of the situation. Nowadays, most people on the move have at least one mobile device, a mobile phone or a PDA .so why not provides the stock market information as soon as possible directly on these mobile phones? It can be either on a push basis or pull basis .push basis a like a push message it automatically send the latest information to the user whoever subscribe to the push service , in other hand pull message where the user have to send a request first to get the required response.
Most of the people nowadays are having mobile phone along them which would the user also can access to the internet and other communication uses. Currently the mobile phones are very cheaper and popular in the market when we comparing with other kinds of electronic device However the mobile based stock market tracking system will allow the user to check the latest information of the stock value in the market.
There is good market scope for mobile communication due the feasibility and support of the communication at time. And other important of mobile internet is that a user can to be in up-to-date information on necessary thinks needed like weather, flash NEWS, email etc. This would be a viable alternative from traditional fixed internet for PC’s and implementation of the mobile internet which is very convenience for us.
Like Benjamin Franklin so rightly said, “Forewarned is forearmed”. So, on consumers’ point of view, yes, there is a potential need for this application. Moreover, most mobile phone network providers nowadays offer certain amount of free internet browsing on their mobile handsets each month. Users would prefer to use their free offer to check for stock information rather than dialling or texting a phone number, which are usually charged at premium rate, to get that same information. In terms of benefits for the stock exchange company, this will be an improvement of their customer service and keeping up-to-date with new technology. Staffs involved with providing information over the phone for those travellers who still feel at ease with that means, will be able to provide a better quality of service as he or she would not be under so much pressure of dealing with all the calls waiting in the queue. Moreover, staffs at the will fewer enquiries to deal with as commuters will be informed well in advance.
As author Ben Salter and Alex Michael mentioned.”Thirteen per cent of mobile subscribes reported accessing news and information via a mobile browser in June 2004.” [REF1]
The both author believe that current number of user accessing the mobile internet to browser will increases in feature
Relevance to course Modules
The product based project are really challengeable to undertake but these are possible and manageable from the modules taught over the degree few of them are very help in understanding the critical part of the project. Some of the important module are helpful to this project are discussed below.
CCM2418 (Digital and Mobile Systems) and CCM2420 Data Communications
These both modules are very useful and module which let me know about fundamental communication knowledge .we started with the simple data how it goes through different stage of process and to final point of the information at that level were we want know about web connection level what involves in modulation , demodulation , multiplexing and error checking
CCM3415 (Advanced Network Design and Security) and CCM2412 (Network Routing and Protocols)
In these both modules were important and necessary because most of the topics we learned were associated to computer networks, and it is contributed a very important role in this project, the areas have taught in these modules includes the fundamental of the network which OSI layer model. And another important area which is protocol on the network that is the set of rule governs the network. This was the whole set of the internet, which is the keen important to largest network
CCM3413 (Mobile Internet Applications and Services)
This was the module inspired and gave the knowledge to choose this project ,actually i learned the fundamental of the two-tier architecture , WAP technology , PHP , these topics are playing a main role in this project , module given a full scope of the internet and their uses in different device but we mainly focus on the Mobile Internet which inducted me to undertake this Project
CCM2426 (Professional Project Development)
In this module we learn how to work in group and make it as a team. We all worked together and put all our work in to one piece of report. And we learned business ethics and how to implement them in the real life and we have discussed about computer science ethics which some very important issues in the modern day computer field which includes legal issues, copyrights and piracy theses information areas will be more helpful when we starting the marketing and involved in the business related application then there we have to implement this strategies. In past few years piracy issues are increasing in a very dramatic way due the high speed internet available and this reflected on the computer business and they seeking for legal expect to avoid this kind of problem in future.
CCM3422 (Computer Communications Project)
This module has take place a major role of this project, according to the principle of Computer Communication Project, it involves in to scheduling and estimating technology
Literature Review
My project is consisting of many different numbers of components which performs in different step in its construction and completion. To get this project as one working model or product, it has to process through many tasks and topics. And each and every topic in this project are constantly analysis and studied so that all every aspect are fit and work as one whole product . This project are covered from different topics and areas that were research is been taken from many source which includes text books, online materials journals and past projects. Some important resource are used for the research are mentioned below with reviews and definitions.
D.Houghand K. Zafar according to their point of view .there is millions of user subscribes to mobile network .these are include everyone from computer executive director to unskilled ordinary labour (Bale Bulb rook). With the benefits of the WAP enable mobile device such as mobile phones, Personal Digital Assistant (PDA ) and pager are developed to access the internet right on the mobile device able to access the phone banking , price checking , product purchase or sale , any sport result and much more
According to authors E.Evan ,P.Ashworth .the wireless device are increase in dramatic way and number of user to communicate , interact on the move, there is a survey showing that right now there is least One billion wireless are subscribes and soon will be increase to twice the amount now (P.Ashworth and E.Evans ,)
There are so many user are subscribe and using the WAP. With help of WAP people are getting the same usual format option as exactly From A personal Computer but these are depends on our convenience and so this will lead to big revolution of the internet in the mobile device and change the traditional way of accessing the internet .Eventually public will notice the real impact of WAP devices how it will change the way of accessing internet and they would know the benefits of using this technology , more user will subscribes to network and it will start to grow on numerous way on a new form of communication because it will start using the new will get start using the new technology and they will reply on the advantage ( Frerrel, ZOO )
In Karli Watson’s book (beginning WAP) . When we considering development of the today’s communication world some factors are comes first but wireless communication having big impact and revolution over the public and number of users are incredibly increasing at a dramatic amount of subscribing are using and amount of data interchanging in speed at which we access the business and another uses . In less than ten year time it will have a tremendous amount of development from initial level of the internet user from the traditional network
But there was a doubt on the factor of reliability and usability of the WAP access, On 2000 Ramsay and Neilson have noted in their book that the WAP is not really functional and popular now but it will be score a good reputation and developed system after 2001.Due to scale of operation grows it will led more difficulties observation.
To learning Unified model language (UML) introduce will helps and leads as work along with language focused in this book, the author help to keep the clear view on the UML language and help to protect in the cobwets of methodology .
Fred R.Mcfadden and Jeffery A.Hoffer, , are interest on information resource management (IRM) are here to consider as normal way we do with everyday methods ,equipment . in other word the matter of information is a superior component and business resource and must has to treat as other asset such as student , things and etc. Mcload and Brittain , are suggesting the basic ideas of IRM from their point of view
According Ian Summerville’s book is focused at student who undertaking the project in under graduation and graduate at software engineering. They have least know and done some fundamental engineering course such as programming languages. This book is full of general and basic idea of new update on some important topics such as , dependable system , requirement engineering, and architecture design.
Analysis from Literature Review
This application is to design to track the Stock Market status report through WAP enable device. The idea of this application is to provide a service for the user to check their desirable company stock rate on the particular date and a response will send back to user using programmed database and techniques.
The main purpose for this application was to reducing time, developing the reliability and efficiency of use when comparing with current application or system .
According to the Ramsay and Neilson personal view of WAP and they believed that WAP had a very big impact on the today’s technology that we been using ever since it introduces of the this system in the market .it had a breakthrough with other opponent technology but it still had better critics along with other technology
P.Ashworth, E.Evans were best authors where keen to know about the feature of mobile communication , actually both were intended to show in their book , to tell what is the feature of M-commerce as of from this decades to next decades development opportunities. M-commerce is the combination of the traditional web system and the wireless connection,
Farrell were interested in studying the future of WAP technology to access the internet on mobile service and tried to explain the benefits of this system over people to use their mobile device to access the web browser or internet , even as our today’s live is becoming more and more difficult by day after day so technology might have to help the problem with changing it same system or service for instance ,internet is access from system which through traditional network but would change it technology and developed into wireless internet that is possible by the WAP technology .
But according to Ian Somerville in their book Software Engineering ,they had a new form of ideas to develop and view a project by eight different parts which include an brief intro to software engineering , application designing , coding , validation and verifications , critical systems ,managements and software evaluation .this book also covers the system distribution architecture , and software development .the critical software system in consisted and integrated with the reliability , accessibly , security and availability so these are mentioned as a different topics.
Jeffery A. Hoofer and Fred R. McFadden in their book Modern Database Management they were talked about the database in a larger sector how the larger context of information resource are stored and manage in a dedicated database .
In other hand Craig mentioning about the life cycle of the software and he says that UML depends on the different life cycle development model i.e. Spiral Model , Incremental Model and finally Waterfall Models , UML is depends upon the object oriented programming paradigm . so I am using one of the best model software life cycle model which Waterfall models.
The ultimate aim of this project to create and build a stock market quote that allows the user to quote the stock company and accessing these are all done by selecting appropriate option on the device to have a customer needs. And there will a database is designed for the data to processed from the user and they able to pass their won information.
The objectives in project will be divided into two different informant categories, in each category will further divided into subsection so that each and every phase will be individually discussed and this will lead to achieve a best possible end result of the Final product.
Design based objective:
Design based objective actually it involved in idea for framework the specified requirement for the user needs. It will really help the consumer and design from business prospect to achieve the best possible result. To build a system following key point must accomplished

  • Modelling the system from requirement specification
  • Implementing the requirement specification of the system using appropriate development tool
  • Of course, testing, evaluation and debugging the protocol against the system requirement.
  • A created database will be use as a model for this project instead using the stock market databases

Research based objectives:
In order to give up- to- date software or system. We must have to be focus and to certain to changes will happen on the current system in terms in future development and challenges and often happened in the software industry.
There are some of important ways for getting the software awareness by following few steps

  • By examining people who using the daily basis and observe main fact toward the stock market assessment involves by taking surveys and feedback on the web pages usability
  • Offering alternative or current option available to stock exchange quote and their mentioning their advantage and drawback.

Software Life Cycle and Methodology for the Project
Software life cycle which related to our daily life process and it filters all process
Over each and every stage in our life. It is pretty commonly known fact that relation pound exits between the product class and process quality is directly equal to the result of the Product is created. The software development is neither inevitable nor efficient to produce good piece of product, but it is also very ease to keep your product as it is. A software life cycle for the project is model used to describe the phase or stage which a software development goes through. there is other way we can also describes a software life cycle models as “A software life cycle is vision of the perspective active that happens during software development “[REF 5] . These factors were helping us to understand and improve the basic characteristics and activities of the software life cycle
The software life cycle is best way to describe overall process involved in the project. Some important processes are described below.

  • Help the project manager to keep the project on the track
  • Describes the basic function that are excepted through the Project to per perform in period of software development
  • Describes the major stage or phase of the software development
  • Provides a general outlook of details tasks so that the we will know the every process involves in software development

This Project is development by the waterfall model. Waterfall model is method used for software development process, it goes through serious of precious step by step method and process is looks as like as waterfall .The advantage of using the waterfall modal is we can organized, chronological approach to software develop of our projects than beginning at system level and download to next steps .forward through software development in analysis, testing, coding and management. If the software is developed for large scale system so the effects need established for all system fundamental level and assign some division of particular tasks requirement through of software..
Waterfall Model:
Waterfall is commonly used and adopted in software development field. From the Waterfall Model the software development is very simple and straight forward.
The software development wills simple as it illustrated diagram and it says that will easier as ever before from any model. actually Waterfall model is designed to develop the software as simple method of order of segments as figure illustrated below, every segments and stage or phase are put into a distinct goals so that the any segments contributed to a software development are achieved successfully.
Software Requirement
In software development it is vital to gathering requirement of the software and analysis process is very important for a Software based project to build up and focus of the software .In order to know the nature of the program itself to built, one should understand and analysis the requirement of the software and domain need. To gather the requirement we have form and fellow a simple method with some of topic needed to clarify in order to get started this Project.
Design software
Software designing naturally is a major and complex step process. To achieve a design process successful we have to interpret requirement into representation of the software. There so many reason and factor get the error on the software design.
Coding/ Programming
The designing software which involves in varies of area to accomplish to form in machine-readable. So code generation is takes place in this step. In this step we actually test the code of our project.
System evaluation/Testing
Once the coding has done, the testing process begins. In this step it will point out anything on the consist and logical parts of software to make sure which the
Given statements are correct and it have been tested. And another important part of test is function external testing and it is carried out to make sure that defined input statement will pass and produces actual result
Any changes or an error could happen. Once Product has reached the end user that is consumer. so it is important for a software to adopt into the real world use .the conditions of changes might happen on both side of the parties for instance If the consumer would like to change the option available on the current system by any chance. So it is vital for software development to maintain all the option and feature are must to be up-to-date
Project Management
Project management activities which involves in schedules ,planner, organization and creating tasks and document like Risk plan, SRS, configuration management and software development plan were produced .so for my Project i decides to use Work Breakdown System as project management
Work Breakdown System (WBS)
WBS is a break down system which is commonly used method in all computer projects to achieve all tasks in the project to produce to one workable system. With help of this sort of methodology which help our project to on the right track. In our case to produce a WAP based system to stock market on the mobile devices.
Problem definitions
Someone who is travelling or is away from their workplace, it is often not possible to gain access from a fixed internet enabled device. But in home environment we would able to access to internet via the local network . Mobile devices are playing major in today’s communication world and it becoming very usual and common thing just seems for time. This seem like without this one might thing like a breakdown in the milestone of the telecommunication in this time. Good thing is almost all of latest mobile phones and devices are embedded with WAP-enable so this encourage the user to use this kind of services and the connection are made device by connecting to server which is provided by the network service provider, so therefore provide a service which keep market users, , who spend a proportion of their typical day in the process of accessing to the stock market and tracking on market , latest informed of stock variation, stock quotes, as well as price detailed, trading status, current company news & profile .
The big question is whether, there is a potential large scale need for such type of service by the stock market. Stock market information is not easily available perhaps unless you are make a phone request or log on to the Internet; and while on the move it is often very difficult to get internet access without a WAP enabled mobile phone or PDA.
It is quite simple to imagine that technology is backbone of today’s modern world, in this technology world the most important rule is played by the Software System. Almost everyone have to come across with the modern technology every day after day. But few technology development have made tremendous implement with presenting a new form of application performance, attached feature and way of interaction between the user and system these systems are really capable of do anything form a low- level basic need like TV remote to highly sophistically and sensitive system like Bank transaction these all designed for one single purpose make life easier.
Wired communication systems have as their main disadvantage the lack of mobility; wireless systems have the big advantage of supporting mobility of system use.
In this modern world technology are getting even better, not only in technology also in way of communication are now .The development of the mobile internet, mobile devices, applications and the provision of services such as the one proposed here attract considerable attention and effort in these time; there were number of studies and research going to find an efficient mobile internet for mobile phones and other wireless devices
One general requirement to ensure that the security of client there are variety of virus and attacker are waiting to corrupt or stole our data from us. So it important to guide the user to access the relevant information easy and rapid. There are two way for safe surf on the mobile internet

  1. Allow the user to surf the particular market report on the relevant web site on the micro-browser
  2. To allow data streaming to capture the information on the memory

User interface is another issue in mobile device, due it small screen it just display very few information in simple manner.
Brief product description:

  • It is a client-server based application which will support multi-client. For example: User will input share company the which will be send as a request and the server should respond by sending the real time stock market value of the company share has traded over the previous 40 weeks
  • It should be simple, with a suitable user interface and little user inputs so that the result is obtained the as soon as possible
  • It should also support push services, where certain stockholder will be automatically alerted on their mobile should any changes in the service status occurs. The server should automatically push the information to the specific registered mobile users.

Deliverables and Development Requirements
To successful completion of the project the following items in list will be given in the final submission

  • A hardcopy of the Project final report
  • A softcopy of the Project final report
  • A Turnitin copy of the document
  • Program code on the CD
  • Software and development requirement used document
  • Development requirement of the system are:
  • MySQL Server
  • Windows Vista
  • Nokia series

Application design from user point of view.
As stock quote is never easy before computer start to serve the user demand ,as a stock market person has to know the rate of the stock till up to date but these are possible by Internet as simple as single click you would know the value from past record to till now . In the period when the computer are not as personal computer those days the person itself has to find the stock value through Walk-in to the local newsagent to buy NEWS paper or Television or even Radio but this media were not that reliable as today’s technology which Internet, computer ,wireless. But technology start to change the way of stock market working from the traditional method. However our aim is to provide a reliable method for a person to access the stock market condition as easy as possible by using it. So we have to design a application which will serve the user need in simple way. to fulfil their need as application designer has to thing generously from user point of view. Some of the questions are strikes

  • Is this application or service are able to served the user needs or it just focus on business prospective.
  • Is the user getting any useful and benefit from the application or web page is been designed.
  • How reliable is this application whether is based on other source or direct information from the stock company
  • User interface is most important part for a application, it must has to be easy to user to use.

To design the WAP application we have to gather relevant information or opion from stock holders who really would get benefit from this WAP application as a user. I managed to contact two persons who using the computer to keep to know stock market rate. Their ultimate demand is that interface must has to simple and provide the useful information as simple as possible like simple graph, etc. So the application is designed to help the user so interface has to simple but not to find how to use it, this will leads poor impression on the application. However everyone has different thoughts from thinking of what they want to make them comfortable well i concluded the thoughts of stock market users what do they want the application has to appear and help them to easy way of tracking the current value of the stock market.
Ease of use:
As a normal user cannot read manual, particularly for some simple service like sending a message, so if they cannot know how to use the application, they get frustrated and tent to leave the application altogether. That means if the application is not fully intuition, then people will get stuck and we might lose them forever. The user will not come to figure out how to get the application to work .Another ease of use factor is the difficulty of getting to a URL.
When designing a software for certain purpose where the user could get useful by that. The software itself has to serve the purpose that made up for what .There is major role for design a application how it will become useable by user. However, if the user’s goal and the applications are not same, there may be a problem. for example user want to know the previous stock market rate and average of the rate by performs of the particular company stock from past fifteen days data report, in order to plan for feature plan and to analysis on the market .And if my application only provide the stock value for the past seven days,in this case the application is not provide the solution to the user demand.
To provide the full potential of the application to user by developing or designing the option in the application as simple as possible to obtain the is wanted to use by the user. For instance If user if user is holding stock in five major companies shares ,for him or his

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