Time Series Forecasting – Stock Price Forecasting

Time Series Forecasting This chapter reviews on the theories and research findings related to the research topic. Time series forecasting is an analysis used to forecast future value based on the past performance. There are lot of methods can be used for stock price forecasting. However, different methods will result in different prediction value. This … Read More»

Assessing The Services Of Money Changers In Kuala Lumpur

Assessing The Services Of Money Changers In Kuala Lumpur INTRODUCTION This assignment comprises of a research project which related to the business and economic. It contains the steps of carry out a research which include the collection of primary and secondary data. Economic view in term of economic cycle is taken into consideration in order … Read More»

The formation of the Dell Company

The formation of the Dell Company In 1984, 18 year old Michael Dell, a student at the University of Texas, Austin set up a PC’s limited as a part time business in his dorm room to sell IBM compatible computers built from stock components. In 1985 the company moved up the value chain and started … Read More»

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