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Britannia International Hotel Industry: Analysis

This is the strategic report on the Britannia International Hotel industry. It discusses the scheme of the strategic management in the business with the analysing of the tools of the strategy in the day to day operations of the business. Strategic report is focusing on the impact analysis of the business strategy of the hotel industry with the giving of the overall view on the strategic management scheme in the hotel industry. It is ideally giving of the recommendation for the improvement of the performance level of the hotel industry in the current market with the adoption of the suitable , feasible and acceptable techniques of the Hospitality Management to improve the level of the performance in the business.


This is the strategic assignment focusing on the Britannia International Hotel Industry in London. The aim of the assignment is to discuss the strategic policy management of the Britannia International Hotel industry in London in the relation to their internal and external business environment. The Britannia International is one of the prominent hotel industry in the London situated at the heart of the city at Canary Wharf, London. They are having 35 hotels across United Kingdom using 7000 bedrooms, One of the hotel at the prime location of the city in London at the Canary Wharf is the key success factor nearer to the major airports and the seaside resorts surrounded by stunning country side (Lehman,2007) The strategic aim of the hotel industry is to provide the optimum money value at the desired level of the satisfaction facilitating to the easy opportunity of the decision-making to the guests who are coming ion the hotel industry (Buidcon,2009) As the London is an international city in the world many guests are used to come here from the different parts of the world in order to enjoy the city of London with its greenery, atmosphere, surroundings – due to which there is a wide scope of the development of the Hospitality industry in this area in order to hospitalise the visitors in this country. As a result many hotel industries are the wide popular in this city used to earn the good source of the potential income and sales turnover. The Britannia International at the Canary Wharf is offering the extremely competitive rates in the combination with the flourishes decoration with the facilities including restaurant, health club, night club, bars and free wireless internet access. (Gary,2010) The hotel is situated on the water’s edge next to the Canary Wharf, at the Docklands of the London in the internationally developed renowned office development, the hotel industry is fully modernised in the traditional culture having up to date facilities (Simson,2009) Modern style hotel located on the waterside in London’s docklands closed to Canary Wharf where there are many international businesses as well as large shopping centre , various restaurants and Bars (Gilston,2010)

Literature Review

Business Strategy of the Britannia hotel industry is purely of the functional and authoritative nature, Hotel industry is rationally divided in to four parts of the line of the organisational set up in which there are the functional departments are diversified as per the core area of the business management, Strategic planning of the hotel industry is made on the basis of the grouping of functions in to four imperative divisions they are the Operations, Human Resource, Marketing and Finance, Information Management section is the co-coordinator of all the departments which is involved in the transfer of the information with in the different active departments as a core functional chain in the business (Tandon,2007) Strategic Management of the hotel industry is having a dynamic and imperative weight in the international cities as per the depending of the nature and scope of activities , many guests and visitors are used to come in the city of London which has created an enormous beauty and scope of the activities of the hospitalisation in the city of London, different services are provided as per the capability and intensity of the hotel industry at the reasonable rates in order to achieve an optimum level of the satisfaction from the customers, supplier power of the hotel industry is really is magnificent they are providing the restaurant, Bar, Kitchen, living and boarding facilities having 4 big halls for the conducting of events such as marriages, birth day parties, functions, meetings, ceremonies in which the area of the potentials of the hotel industry are based, recently they are planning to start the travel and tourism operations as their supportive area of activity to the core functional scheme which is the additional source of the revenue recognition (Rodrics,2010) Glance situation of the hotel industry at the magnified location is the measured strength of the hotel industry at the Canary Wharf , the increasing the number of the people with the large scope for the sale of the food items in the glorious location of the hotel industry are some of the ideal characteristics of the hotel industry giving the prominent scope of the development and hospitalisation (Small,2009) Intensity of the buyer towards the hotel industry is strategic and sound as they are willing to get the supreme level of the services with in the reasonable costs and achieving the enjoyment of the city of London, Docklands area near to sea shore is giving the glance opportunity of the business development to the Britannia international hotel industry at the higher rate of income with the global status and the exclusive customer support, they are having a stratified customer relationship management strategy in which functional scope of the CRM dimensions has been predicted through the norms of the customer identification , customer attraction, customer development and the customer retention (Philip,2008) The strategic Management of the Hospitality industry in London is the core activity of the management in which functional scope is administered as a tool of the resource management, Operational activities are coming under the day to day performances of the business and regular services to the guests who are coming in the hospitality industry in order to acquire services and potentialities for the earning of the higher revenue generation in the day to day operational management, Human resource strategy is the core activity of the functional management in which major concentration is given on the process of the recruitment and selection of the new candidates in the service so as to get completion of the business activities in the right strategic order and at the right time with in the reasonable resources, Marketing Activities are the activities which are relating to the development of the market through the making of the strategic relationships with the customers and attracting them in the shoes of the customer in order to develop and expand the business activities, Finance department is involved in the strategic financial operations including the accounting , internal audits, finance management, investments in the area of the business so as to maintain the liquidity and the cash management in the day to day business operations, Information Management department is the channelising information department in the business with the providing of the time to time information in the order to regulate the departmental activities in the business organisation (Shardul,2010)


The strategic report is discussing on the management policy of the Britannia International Hotel industry. In the international city of London the wide scope is available for the hospitalisation sector as many visitors are used to come here from the different parts of the world in order to pursue their education, jobs, picnics and visits, living. In due course of the same there is a wide scope available for the development of the hospitality industry in this city to entertain the visitors . There is a wide scope of the strategic management in the hotel industry so as to administer the group of activities in the business management policy of the hospitalisation. Business strategy has been constructed as per the model guideline of the core hospitalisation. Hotel industry is using the effective and efficient Customer Relationship Management strategy in order to make the long lasting relations with the guests, visitors in the shoes of their customers . The strategy of the Customer Relationship Management has been constructed in the view of the implementation of the efficient and effective CRM dimensions of the customer identification, attraction, retention and development to make the expansion of the business activities to capture the wider segment of the market. Market development strategies used to be formed with the using of the effective marketing communication techniques such as advertising and publicity , sales promotions, direct marketing , public relations and personal selling which will be helpful to develop the good communication system of the hotel with the creating of the Goodwill in the business. Business strategy of the Britannia international is constructed as per the ideal divisions of the functional activities in the four major departments specifying the executive strategy of the hospitality operations.

Critical Analysis

Strategic Management policy of the Britannia hotel industry is a constructive idea of the operational profile in which there is a wide scope available for the coverage of the functional area of activities. The strategic idea of the functional approach of the management policy is depending on the availability of the strategic factors which are in the support of the management and get inverse with the management. Following are the SWOT analysis are focusing on the internal and external factors of the hotel industry –
a) Strengths – Glance location of the hotel industry in the midlands nearer of the dockland airport is facilitating the visitors to take stay in the hotel. Availability of the feasible facilities including the air conditioned rooms, lodging and boarding, Restaurants, Bar,Kithen are all giving the strengths of the business. Staff operations are commensurate to the strategic development of activities , with the expertises of the staff and availability of the potential capacity of the labour services. Availability of the tourism operations is creating an additional constructive strength of the business . The scope of the information management department is to handle the ideal activities of the marketing function through the implementation of the different strategic marketing techniques. Availability of full fledged well furnished rooms , with the big halls for the events, ideal structure of the hotel set up is an added advantage.
b) Weaknesses – No scope for the parking facility of the vehicles in the surrounding area of the hotel industry. Increasing the rate of the labour turnover in the business with the improper workforce management activities. There is a serious increases in the budgeted expenditures of the hotel industry in due course of the increasing the labour turnover of the business. Reduction in the profitability of the business over the period of time is affecting on the performance level of the hotel industry. Increasing in the costs expenditures will commensurate to the revenue recognition from the day to day operational control of the business.
c) Opportunities – There is a greater scope available for the hospitalisation in the area of Canary Wharf. As London is one of the international city in the world many visitors are used to come here for the visits , picnic, education,travel,living,jobs. So that there is a wide scope of the opportunities for the development of the business is available towards the international visitors. Performance level of the hospitality industry is at the optimum rank , further there is a wide scope of the development to increase the level of the performance of the business with the employment of the skilled, efficient labour in the day to day business operations. Level of the business management can be used as a basis of the chanelising the information management function in order to acquire the objectives of the business.
d) Threats – As the London is an international city in the world, many spectators are used to come here from the different parts of the world. It is therefore there is a wide scope for the development of the Hospitality industry in this area. The scope of the Hospitalisation is quite more in this city of London. Due to which many hotel industries are used to operate in this city to entertain the globalise visitors, guests. It is leading to the emergence of the different hotel industries. Hotel Hilton Metropolitan, Hotel Syon Park, Hotel Chariot Mirror are some of the leading hotel industries in the city competing the Britannia International.
SWOT analysis is pertaining to the focus on the internal and external business environment which shows an exact picture of the hotel industry in a strategic manner.
In depth focus further can be made in the business activities through the applications of the tool of the Porter’s five forces –
Supplier Power – It is the creative idea of the different facilities offered by the Britannia hotel industry in the hospitalisation. They are having Bar , Restaurant, Kitchen services , lodging and boarding facilities , full well furnished air conditioned rooms which are attracting the visitors in the hotel. At one time more than 100 of people can have stay in the hotel in the well furnished rooms. There is an optimum level of the food facility available for the guests and visitors. Bar services are more timely and co-efficient. Operational strategic management has been done based on the implementing the ideal strategy of the hospitality management and its core area of the knowledge. The Hotel industry is having the strategic supply power which can attract the large number of customers in order to increase the capacity sales.
Buyer Power – This is the power of the buyer intensity in which study of the buyer behaviour has been conducted. Buyer power is created with the availability of the financial position of the buyer leading to increase in the level of consumption. Understanding of the buyer behaviour in the business is a strategic task of the assessing of the demand position in the current market. On the basis of which the supplier power can be built up in the day to day business operations. In every business intensity of the buyer capacity is playing a strategic role. As the Uk is in the recovery stage of the credit crunch situation in the market, it is leading to the increase in the level of the economy along with the employment opportunities in the business. With the help of that the earning potential capacity of the buyer is now upgrading leading to the increase in the level of consumption.
Market Competition – There is a strategic competition in the market. As the London is an international city there is a major scope for the development of the Hospitality sector because people who are coming from the different parts of the world are need to have facility for their hospitalisation and care. In due course of which many hotel industries are used to operate in this city creating a challenging business environment for the hospitality industry. With the availability of the international Hotels such as Hilton Metropolitan, Syon Park, Mirror Chariot there is an ultimate reduction is felt in the business of the Britannia international.
Threat of New Entrants – There is a serious threat of the new entrants who are coming in the market. As this city has a wider scope of the hospitalisation business in due course of the international visitors, the scope of the hotel industries has been increased in this area. For the entertaining of the guests, visitors there is a need of the new resraurants,hotels which ultimately had given rise to the commencing of the new hotel industry businesses , which can create a challenging threats for the Britannia International as the same quality food may be available at the more cheaper rates in the new hotels for the sake of the capturing of the market.
Barriers to New Entrants – There are the certain barriers are available in this country for the new hotel industries. Govt. Licensing is a challenging task which requires the many compliances of the documents and still no assurance of the sanctioning of the license. Another problem is of the capital funding as London is one of the costly city in the world , there are the many requisites are raised for the mobilisation of the capital and still there are the issues which are arising in the starting of the business. These are the serious challenging barriers to the new entrants.


It has been found on the basis of the strategic analysis that there are the different strategies and customs are applied in the business. The normative strategic planning of the business is based on the Porter’s generic scheme.
a) Cost Leadership – There is a cost efficiency and effectiveness is maintained in the business which is leading to the maximisation of the profits. Quarterly budgets are prepared indicating the schedule of the expenditures and the actual performance is used to compare with that schedule in order to improve the strategic performance of the business. Executive cost control is maintained in the business as a strategic tool of the business.
b) Focused – The ideal focus of the activities is based on the restaurant and lodging and boarding activities. In the restaurant the strategic activities which are focused are the kitchen services, Bar services, Operating services. In the lodging and boarding activities the ideal services are the well furnished rooms along with all the facilities of the toilets, bathrooms.
c) Differentiation – With the continuing of the focused core area of activity of the business hotel industry is planning to develop the new activity of the Travelling and Tourism operations which will facilitate the additional source of income of the business as the supportive level of activity to grow the business in the Hospitality sector.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The Britannia international is one of the reputed hotel industry in London having its strategic significance all over the world. Wide scope of the business with the glance opportunity is available for the expansion and development for the hotel industries. The Britannia hotel is having the imperative strength of the good supplier power , ideal resource management scheme which will be commensurate for the strategic management policy of the business. Good location of the hotel industry , facilities available are of the restaurant, bar , kitchen services , lodging and boarding services which are giving the scope for the business expansion and development. However, as the London is an international city in the world many spectators are used to come here for the travels, visits, education there is a wide scope of the development of the hospitality sector in order to catch the wide area of the business development. This is giving scope for the development of the many hospitality industries creating the market competition . Hotel Hilton, Hotel Syon Park, Hotel Passage to India are the hotels creating a challenging environment for the business. It is recommended to the hotel industry to give scope on the marketing communication techniques of the sales promotions and direct marketing in order to grow and expand the business. In the sales promotions focus can be on the giving of the different attractive discounting offers which can catch the customers. In the direct marketing hotel industry can use the strategic technique of the e-mail communications system to contact directly with the customers.

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